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What you get: Free MED has a long pedigree, and this, along with an active support community, contributes to its stability and support.Potential trade-offs: That said, it looks like development has petered off. If this product is of interest to you, make sure you have a tech-savvy person or team on hand to develop or modernize the software going forward.It started in 2004, and counts among its users a number of government agencies and healthcare nonprofits and universities such as the Millennium Villages Project and the University of Virginia. This means that you use Open MRS to design your own customized medical records system. What you get: Because Open MRS is a platform, rather than a developed system, it can be easily customized to meet specific needs.This makes it ideal for creating EMR systems in developing countries (where, for instance, they don’t need the insurance information that a U. The add-on modules and easily accessible API allow for even further customization.Dragon Medical dictation helps you document quickly, and the template library includes multiple specialties.Capterra reviewers enjoy the familiar design of the workflow, which makes it easy to use.We’re going to look at their features and their Capterra user reviews (where possible).

NOSH is an open source EMR designed for outpatient clinics.

Most solutions either limit the number of physicians who can use it at the free level, or require a lot of developer time and talent to implement correctly.

While free software is great, there are some trade-offs you’ll have to accept in return, and I’ll identify those for each product. As an open source EMR platform, Open MRS has been around for quite some time.

It also tracks and helps you manage patient registration, supplies, and worker assignments at multiple workstations.

Potential trade-offs: Solismed’s design isn’t mobile responsive, so it doesn’t display consistently on tablets.

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