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When you meet your girl, she will tell you what she wants to do.If it's a drinking/food/dancing date, icons will appear on the map to show you where the locations of these places are.Some of them can be found around San Andreas and it is up to you to meet each girl's tastes.We'll go into that in more detail later in this guide. Denise Robinson and Millie Perkins will pose no problem, because you meet these girls during missions. Below is the locations of each girlfriend, not found during missions.Each girl has a blue arrow above their heads and will be standing around doing various things, like talking to someone or shooting a gun.

Eat 10 portions of food and no more to gain maximum fat per day.

She really likes drinking dates so take her to one of those, if she wants that kind of date.

Sometimes she'll want you to drive fast, so do that but try not to crash.

If you eat more than 10 portions, CJ will puke and lose all the fat gained.) Just after 00.00 hours.

(it appears as though it's difficult to catch Michelle in.

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