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See the comments in Bugzilla See the comments in Bugzilla The linkage from the code view to the tree outline is active and functional. So yes, you're right, clicking on the tree doesn't make the cursor jump to the right spot in the file. ) part still needs to be implemented so it works reliably and without infinite cycles between the two views.

(I've attached the XSD files used to generate everything) Unfortunately the generated hbm doesn't validate because the many-to-one tag comes before the composite-id tag in the generated xml. , (property|many-to-one|one-to-one|component|dynamic-component |properties| any|map|set|list|bag|idbag|array|primitive-array)*,((join*,s ubclass*)|joined-subclass*|union-subclass*), loader? I observed this issue with whichever the version that came with Eclipse Neon.1a Release (4.6.1). This comment was made in error, as this issue occurred on a different JSON plugin, not the JSON Editor plugin.I would delete the original comment if I could, but I'm not seeing where I could. Xerces C can be downloaded from this link – of writing codes, we could use the pre-built applications that go along with the binary release.There are unique performance and resiliency engineering concerns for hybrid cloud software solutions that can lead to serious SLA issues, such as outages and poor performance.

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