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These include suppliers, market intermediaries, customers, partners, competitors and the public The macro component of the marketing environment is also known as the broad environment.It constitutes the external factors and forces which affect the industry as a whole but don’t have a direct effect on the business. The demographic environment is made up of the people who constitute the market.The marketing activities of the business are affected by several internal and external factors.While some of the factors are in the control of the business, most of these are not and the business has to adapt itself to avoid being affected by changes in these factors.It is characterised as the factual investigation and segregation of the population according to their size, density, location, age, gender, race, and occupation.The economic environment constitutes factors which influence customers’ purchasing power and spending patterns.

The internal environment of the business includes all the forces and factors inside the organisation which affect its marketing operations.

These factors include the GDP, GNP, interest rates, inflation, income distribution, government funding and subsidies, and other major economic variables.

The physical environment includes the natural environment in which the business operates.

Technology is one of the biggest sources of threats and opportunities for the organisation and it is very dynamic.

The political & Legal environment includes laws and government’s policies prevailing in the country.

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These external and internal factors group together to form a marketing environment in which the business operates.

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