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For the ENTJ, their inferior Fi means they will struggle to cultivate a strong value system that keeps their logic-driven ambitions in check.

INTP on the other hand struggles with social awkwardness and a love/hate relationship between their desire to be independent and the lesser desire for external validation and peer acceptance.

ENTJs may need to curb some of their extraverted sensibilities for their introverted partner and be considerate of their need for space and freedom to do their own thing.

INTP is less demanding and more easy going and flexible when it comes to their expectations of others.

ENTJ and INTP may get into occasional power struggles where the INTP finds themselves justifying and defending themselves against the ENTJ’s pushy tendencies.

ENTJ will often take a very active role in managing things and can be highly critical of the lackadaisical attitude of an INTP mate who is less concerned with external order.

INTPs can be rather neglectful and oblivious about certain things but they should understand that ENTJs need structure in order to feel at ease.

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