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I think I've found the problem with mine, but unfortunately for you I had to make a change in the RTD code, which you of course cannot do in Web IRESS.

I have dealt with IRESS before and they are not a particularly flexible group of people, but maybe you could just tell them that they have to make sure they are catching and ignoring any COMExceptions when calling Update Notify in the RTD.

Visit Stack Exchange I set calculation mode to automatic but when I enter "=Now()" inside a cell I do not see the time updating even when formatting is changed to show seconds. Changing a formatting is not an event that needs a recalculation, so that is not enough; but for example typing anything in any cell I think I found the culprit.

Now change RUT to SPX in B2 to get the last price for SPX.

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But ok to just save the chart and start building another one the next day and get a picture of what is going on between these two data points.

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