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However, the governor said he “wouldn’t rule out the possibility of eventually putting it in there,” adding: “I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of calling a special session and forcing the Legislature to stay if I don’t see a concerted effort.

It’s one thing when you’re not reaching an agreement, it’s another thing when I don’t get the impression you’re making very much of an effort at all.” Lawmakers departed Albany as scheduled yesterday without heeding Paterson’s call for an up-or-down vote on his budget proposal “just to see where we stand,” as he put it this morning. (Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has said furloughing state workers would be an illegal breech of their contract, told me yesterday that the bill arrived after his members had already gaveled out for the day).

Encourage people to come up with ideas before the brainstorming session and give them space to spend some time outside the office.

Brainstorming sessions run the risk of wasting everyone’s time if they’re not well managed.

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This will get the ball rolling and boost productivity. Who you have in the room to generate those ideas matters, too.

It makes sense to invite people directly involved with the brainstorming subject. Also invite “outsiders.” Fresh input is an important ingredient. Add diversity to the room by including people from different groups whether by gender or generation, level of introversion/extroversion or nationality.

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