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Each character starts off with the following number of points Aeris: 50 Tifa: 30 Yuffie: 10 Barret: 0 Because of this configuration, most players tend to end up going on a date with Aeris.

She starts with the highest point values and a lot of the choices and dialogue is setup in such a way that typically result in her receiving a high number of points.

There is a scene that occurs during a playthrough at the end of Disc 1 when the team returns to Gold Saucer.

While in Gongaga, if Tifa and Aeris are in your party when you enter, after you speak to Zack’s parents, you can take the following actions: The character with the highest score when you re-enter Gold Saucer for the second time is the one that Cloud will go out on a date with.

Use this page and the full Walkthrough section which will guide you through each of the areas where a choice needs to be made.

Cloud and the others pass through North Corel on their way to Gold Saucer. Arriving at Battle Square, they discover it's open this time around.

If you choose the second option (“Nothing…hey…”) during the second dialogue window though you can purchase a flower from her.

Buy a flower from her as it can be used later on if it is in your inventory to affect the point values for other characters.

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