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According to Amnesty International, Chad’s current government prevents nonviolent assembly, arrests human rights activists and journalists, and has imposed severe restrictions on organizing, criminalizing some civil society organizations.

In 2005, Deby, who has ruled Chad since 1990, changed the country’s constitution to allow him to be elected for a third term.

As for deaths and injuries, the report cited three allegations of child recruits being killed in combat in 2009 and said it confirmed the death of a youngster recruited by JEM.

The task force said no such allegations were received in 2010 but it said land mines and other explosive remnants of the conflict continue to take a toll on children, with 15 boys killed and 24 boys and two girls injured in 2009, and two boys killed and 12 injured between January and August 2010.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu landed in the country on Sunday morning for a quick visit, the first of its kind to the African country since relations soured.

Netanyahu will have lunch with Deby before flying back to Israel."The purpose of your visit is to bring our two countries closer and to cooperate," Deby told the Israeli premier.If after shaking Idriss Deby's hand Netanyahu will meet with Sudan's genocidal president, the bloodstains won't wipe clean | Opinion ■ By renewing ties with Chad, Israel is embracing an enabler of terrorism | Opinion Netanyahu said that Israel was announcing today "a renewal of diplomatic ties with Chad and making a breakthrough for the Arab and Muslim world." The prime minister called the diplomatic achievement "a result of strenuous work of recent years" and said that together, he and Deby were "making history." "There are those who tried to sabotage this trip, but they were unsuccessful," he continued, alluding to Iranian and Palestinian displeasure over the warmer ties with the country.It said “a massive process of voluntary defections from Chadian armed opposition groups began” in June 2009 and about 5,000 defectors had joined government forces.“Among those who disarmed a total of 155 children were identified” and handed over by Chad’s social affairs ministry to UNICEF, it said.

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Asked for a timeframe, Netanyahu said: "A little patience.

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