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Such faulting can result in older strata being pushed on top of younger strata, and older rocks, it was said, were mistaken for younger rocks when the first dating was done.

The 175-million-year dating discrepancy for the Santo Domingo formation is not an isolated case, but adds to the growing list of evidence that long-age radioisotope dating does not give real dates at all.

If the secular radiometric ‘dates’ can be dismissed because they do not fit with evolutionary ideas, they can also be dismissed because they do not fit with what the Bible teaches about the age of the earth.

The Bible preserves the historical account of a year-long watery catastrophe that affected the whole world about 4,500 years ago.

Long-age radioisotope ‘dating’ can’t change wildly by hundreds of millions of years, according to geologist’s changing opinions, and still be considered a true, empirical method of dating.

The Santo Domingo formation is consistent with large volumes of sediments having been rapidly deposited by massive water currents whilst volcanic eruptions were intermittently occurring.

by Jonathan O'Brien Using well-known radioisotope technology, scientists dated the Santo Domingo rock formation in Argentina at 212 million years old.

He already believed that the rocks underneath the volcanic layer had to be between 2 and 5 million years old, because the australopithecine and mammal fossils found in them indicated such an age to him according to his pre-conceived evolutionary ‘model’ or timeline.

Well-preserved and abundant tracks were also found in the rock, similar in appearance to bird tracks.

The scientists, who assert that the earth is billions of years old, concluded that the footprints must have been made by an unknown species of a small bird-like dinosaur, because according to Darwinian theory birds weren’t supposed to be around 212 million years ago.

The results were accepted and published by the science journal in 2002.

But recently, a different group of long-age-believing scientists took a fresh look at the bird-like dinosaur footprints and concluded that they were indeed made by birds after all—actually, by the familiar sandpiper of today, a small bird common to wetlands, grasslands and coastal habitats around the world.

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