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It's convenient for you brainwashed fags to just believe what the govt. You stupid bitches is why the rest of the world hates us.

because it is the people and ideas that make the system, and that dies out over time, and what is left of that system is left for the next generation to either corrupt or uphold.TERRORISTS did this, not the idiotic Neo Cons and thier "illuminate": Yes some parts were damaged.But the whole thing falling at the same time, while buckeling in the middle, at freefall speed?Get fucked with a barbwired dildo you brainless shmucks Anonymous: Sorry But watched this Live and remember the sequence well. Anonymous: Also check Larry Fucking Silverstein's comments.Background was live Camer shifted and she moved correctly within the parallax change. He said they decided to "Pull the Building." His words the footage still exists but youre not going to find it on PBS. This can be independently verified even by any derp with a few seconds to spend searching for the original footage and there is also a clip with a second voiceover of one of the Architect's viewing the same footage.

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