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In 2013, the company and the manufacturer HTC produced the HTC First, a smartphone that ran on a new Facebook-based operating system. The company also sells virtual-reality goggles, which it got into when the start-up Oculus was already building those products. Rafa Camargo, Facebook’s vice president who oversees Portal, said that when his team said it wanted to work on a smart home product with a large screen, his peers reacted in disbelief — especially since Amazon and Apple were focused on speakers and not video.“Everyone was like: ‘You’re nuts.

The whole thing is just about smart speakers and just voice,’” said Mr. But he said that voice was just one feature of the product and that Facebook could offer customers a different type of experience.“We come from focusing on people,” he said.

Last month, the company also announced asecurity breach that put the accounts of at least 50 million users at risk, while endangering the accounts of numerous third-party apps.

To address privacy concerns with Portal and Portal Plus, Facebook said the products include an electronic kill switch for the front-facing camera, as well as a cover for the lens.

Law enforcement is hailing Facebook for using its little-known data monitoring technology to spot a suspicious conversation about sex between a man in his early thirties and a 13-year-old girl from Florida.

Like other Amazon-powered products, Portal can be controlled by speaking the word “Alexa” before a question or a request, like “What’s the weather in San Francisco?

The two had only a loose relationship on the network.

The man was chatting about sex with the girl and planned to meet her after middle-school classes the next day, according to Reuters.

It’s easy to see why Facebook doesn’t talk about it much: the last thing the company wants is for its users to feel like they’re being eavesdropped on, Sullivan said: To avoid coming off as eavesdroppers, Facebook also avoids probing what it interprets as pre-existing relationships, Sullivan said.

Reining in its monitoring technology is understandable in light of not wanting to be perceived as Big Brother, but as Reuters pointed out, a low false-positive rate has the serious downside of letting many dangerous communications go through unflagged.

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