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Example: --time-proxy Usage: --time-proxy 10 --proxy-http-file Set file with urls http proxy, are used to bular capch search engines Example: --proxy-http-file Usage: --proxy-http-file http_--tor-random Enables the TOR function, each usage links an unique IP.

new= 5 - (FIND PAGE) The fifth type of validation based on the source file, Will be enabled only one validation code 200 on the target server, or if the url submit such code will be considered vulnerable.

The exploit-command will be identified by the parameters --command-vul/ --command-all as _EXPLOIT_ --replace Replace values ​​in the target URL.

id=1666 and (SELECT user, Password from limit 0,1)=1' --replace 'main.php?

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Example: ---regexp-filter EMAIL: Usage: ---regexp-filter '([\w\d\.\-\_] )@([\w\d\.\_\-] )' [!id=1 and substring(@@version,1,1)=1' --replace 'index.aspx? Example: --remove Usage: --remove '/admin.php? id=0' --regexp Using regular expression to validate his research, the value of the Expression will be sought within the target/URL.Usage: --sub-get --sub-post defines whether the strings coming from --sub-file will be injected via POST.-t Choose the validation type: op 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 [options]: 1 - The first type uses default errors considering the script: It establishes connection with the exploit through the get 2 - The second type tries to valid the error defined by: -a=' VALUE_INSIDE_THE _TARGET' It also establishes connection with the exploit through the get method Demo:

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