Gemini male dating libra female

They are the ones who can get easily influenced by others. He is conscious of the ambiance at his home, and looks for every possible way to keep his surroundings neat and tidy.

If your partner is a Libran, you should understand that he is not very open to people he doesn't know well (may it be your social circle or his in laws).

They are sophisticated individuals, having a sense of self respect. Astrologers say that Libras are so well-balanced, that they can balance celibacy with indulgence.

Their peace-loving, balanced nature should not be messed with. This is probably one of the weaknesses of a Libra male.

The weighing scales depict an overall balance in life.

A Libra male's personality shows this balance in his nature and thinking, as also in his personal and professional life. Here are some of the important personality traits of a Libra male.

He has a lot of admirers, but finding the right lady becomes difficult for him.The charm in his personality will keep you bonded with him forever. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Libra and Gemini compatibility article on this relationship first. One thing that I think made us break up was that I was not number one in her life. I understood her daughter was number one in her life, but her daughter does not make decisions on our relationship. It got to the point where her daughter was disrespecting me. No matter what I did or say to convince that her daughter does not run our relationship, fell on her deaf ears. Half way through the conversation he mentioned he liked me he knows I was flattered but were being cautious so didn't say much in return. I don't know if it will work out because he has custody of his young kids. He does have a girl friend, but to me it seems like after he meet me he started hanging n talking to me more then his girl friend now. ) he will flash his beautiful smile at me and that's the end of that. The only thing is Libra's can take a long time to make up their minds so be patient Gemini girls. We do our own things separately, but I know that we have established a specialness to one another. I still think he's a clown, but on some level we are for sure on the same page. He keeps me blushing with his loving words and gestures. We are both thankful daily to have been brought together.A Libra man will shower all his love on his partner, charming her in every way.As the symbol suggests, a Libra men are genuinely balanced in life, and easily maintain equilibrium between their professional and personal lives.

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