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Until the 1980s, the feature pieces included in each issue were promoted in a television commercial.Under Triangle, TV Guide continued to grow not only in circulation, but in recognition as the authority on television programming with articles – the majority of which typically appear in the color section – from both staff and contributing writers.I have a regular life so I do need to plan things out. For the television channel (formerly known as the TV Guide Channel, TV Guide Network and TVGN), see Pop (U. In 1948, he printed New York City area listings magazine The Tele Vision Guide, which was first released on local newsstands on June 14 of that year.The first issue of TV Guide (April 3, 1953), featuring Desi Arnaz Jr., the youngest of Lucille Ball (seen at upper right inset) and Desi Arnaz's two children; Ball's pregnancy with Arnaz Jr.

Wagner later began publishing regional editions of The Tele Vision Guide for New England and the Baltimore–Washington area. The inaugural cover featured a photograph of Lucille Ball's newborn son Desi Arnaz, Jr., with a downscaled inset photo of Ball placed in the top corner under the issue's headline: "Lucy's ,000,000 baby".

Five years later, he sold the editions to Walter Annenberg, who folded it into his publishing and broadcasting company Triangle Publications, but remained as a consultant for the magazine until 1963.s first issue was released on April 3, 1953, accumulating a total circulation of 1,560,000 copies that were sold in the ten U. The magazine was published in digest size, which remained its printed format for 52 years.

From its first issue until the July 2–8, 1954, issue, listings within each edition of TV Guide began on Friday and ended on Thursday; the July 9–16, 1954, issue began on a Friday and ended on the following Friday.

Printing of the national color section of TV Guide – which incorporates television-related stories, and select feature columns such as program reviews – took place at Triangle's Gravure Division plant – which was known for performing some of the highest quality printing in the industry, with almost always perfect registration – located adjacent to the company's landmark Inquirer Building on North Broad Street in Philadelphia.

The color section was then sent to regional printers to be wrapped around the local listing sections.

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