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When I was in Sofia, I spent a good share of my time approaching women on the streets.

I won’t try to sugarcoat anything, but it was tough.

But Maverick, you point out, Bulgarians aren’t very rich to travel like Americans or other Western Europeans. But I don’t even know any famous Bulgarians, whether in sports, academia, or anything else.

The only contact I’ve ever had with a Bulgarian was when I had a Bulgarian acquaintance back in San Francisco.

(After checking the data, I realized that Bulgaria is actually #10 on the list).

During the reign of Soviet Union, Bulgaria was widely considered the 16th republic of the Soviet Union.

I also think that Bulgarian women—just like other Balkan people—prefer Southern Europeans such as Spaniards and Italians.

My first impressions of Bulgaria was that it’s a very poor country.

In fact, having seen most of Europe, I would say Bulgaria is undoubtedly one of the poorest countries on the continent.

The Soviet Union had 15th republics, but because it had very strong ties to Bulgaria, the country was considered an unofficial part of the Soviet Union.

Rumor has it that the Soviet Union took a lot of wealth in the form of natural resources and agriculture from Bulgaria, but may have provided some infrastructure back in return. As a native Russian speaker, I could read Bulgarian and even pick up some of the words and expressions.

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You can grab her contact information and try to build something later on.

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