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However things have come a long way since those days and it's generally much more toned down.If you are worried that's the kind of advice you're going to get in the product, that's not the case at all.This is a really solid product that'll teach you how to look good with the emphasis on being attractive to women.This is suitable for guys of a beginner or intermediate level, and for 90% of you the information here will be pretty much all you ever need.

One of the things that Ryan talks about is having an everyday 'uniform'.

Unless you already have an an above average grasp on this topic and regularly get compliments on how you look, you'll probably learn a lot from this.

The real strength of this course is its simplicity.

Sometimes biased towards a particular image rather than developing your own style.

Suggestion of using a tanning bed could be potentially harmful.

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By the end of the product you'll come away with the knowledge of how to be one of the better dressed men anywhere you go out.

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