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"Jason and I are both shocked and hurt that people would say such horrible things about us.I can't believe that somebody would go to such great lengths to try to damage my reputation.""I adored Heidi from the minute I met her," Stephanie gushed in her book.Thoroughly devastated, she asked the friend who'd introduced her to meth to hook her up "with whatever," and Stephanie started using Oxy Contin.On her 19th birthday, she considered suicide."As far as I could see things, through my anxious, depressed haze, Spencer [who along with his best friend Brody Jenner was all in on the idea of reality TV thanks to the fleeting success of ] was perfect in my parents' eyes," Stephanie wrote.On pills and toasted on the free champagne provided to serious shoppers at Neiman Marcus, she and her pal Amber paid for ,000 worth of stuff and then got caught trying to walk out of the store layered in ,000 worth of designer clothing and accessories.

But then the sister ended up liking her brother's enemies a lot more than she thought she would.

"Stop messing with Heidi, stop being mean girls," Stephanie's pal Roxy Olin told Lauren and Audrina. Meanwhile, Stephanie had returned to school at Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), and it was when she walked in and saw Lauren in one of her classes..."If I only had known then what I know now," she recalled in . One of the best, most funny, honest and kind people who has ever been in my life."The pair went for coffee after class and Stephanie tried to explain herself, that Heidi "has just been so upset." Lauren informed her it was a lot more complicated than that, and Stephanie believed her.

After that they were friends—but at first, only secretly, because Stephanie wasn't sure how she was going to explain that turn of events to her brother or her future sister-in-law.

Stephanie Pratt joined the fun on season three of and, while she thought she would always have brother Spencer Pratt's best interests at heart, she soon realized that "best interests" was a subjective term, as she clashed with his fiancée Heidi Montag and bonded with the person he'd crossed the most, Lauren Conrad.

Stephanie's first impression, however, was not promising.,'" Audrina Patridge recalled to Lauren what "She-Pratt's" first-ever words to her were when they crossed paths at a club."I've met that girl before," Lauren said, not surprised.

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