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I'm a marathon runner and the pain started in December when I was on a 24 mile run.I have pain when I get out of bed in the morning but subsides alittle the more I walk.31, will bolster Alberta's investment arena, hit by about 0 billion in canceled mining and oil sands projects since last year. S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, warns of a growing Chinese presence in America's 'back yard,' the Globe and Mail reports. Ambassador to Canada Gordon Giffin said he doesn't expect the Obama administration to oppose Petro China's investment in the oil sands. I have exhaused it all and have decided to just go for it. giving money to mfrs and banks that aren't always acting in the best interest of their clients.

All I knew when I was 18 is I would like to be rich and famous. They tell us the recession is over which under their definition 'may' be right. I do not need no economist to let me know when I am in a depression.

I feel slight discomfort throughout the day regardless of what I'm doing.

And, I have a throbbing pain at night when I'm trying to sleep.

I now live in Pittsburgh, PA and haven't been able to find a good sports doctor here. I propose the man of the year on the cover of Time Magazine be Timmothy Geithner.

Probably most people have never heard of this 47 year old. Normally the Secretary of State is the most important cabinet member.

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