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Before that he was a boxer and even had a boxing gym.

In 2007, 50 Cent was the second wealthiest rapper behind jay-z and has been consistently ranked over the years among the wealthiest celebrities in the US.His friend introduced him to Jam Master, Jay who taught him how to make records, count bars, and write choruses and structure songs.His rapping career started in 2000 after releasing his album ‘Guess Who’s Back’ and in 2002 he was discovered by Eminem and Dr. The rapper became the world’s best-selling artist after His first major album was produced by the records was a hit known as Get Rich or Die Tying.Perhaps, Paris struck a deal to get that G-Unit verse. What’s the real deal and why did they refer to 50 as “50 Cents? ”my 2 (not 50) cents Paris is doing it for publicity50 is doing it to "experience" high class kitten - letz face it, this girl belongs to a dynasty!! Who wdnt want to hit that (even if it isn't as good as they think it will be)? I knacked (using a nicer word ) a hilton" LOLI think 50 is broadening his horizon. Paris Hilton has a track record for being a little trashy.

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