How to be unpredictable in dating

If you’re really good looking, you can include that as a reward.Some people are fickle and want to be seen with physically attractive partners.Let’s look at how Dopamine is the fundamental chemical driving the attraction of uncertainty.Before you declare Dopamine a wonder drug, let’s remind ourselves it is a double-edged sword.Yes without enough production you won’t get anything done, and you risk suffering from Parkinson, ADHD, or even Schizophrenia (Schultz 2016).Conversely, this chemical that drives us to take action also exposes us to excessive pleasure seeking and addictive behaviors.

That means controlling this chemical directly influences how much effort a person will make and whether they feel good about it. Dating revolves around a game of rewards — which means Dopamine is implicated whether you like it or not.Fortunately, I have found the missing link, and it’s the same driver of addiction that is taking over our lives through cell phones, social media, gambling, and drugs.When it comes to raw attraction and wanting something, Dopamine driven reward loops are the name of the game — and nothing triggers a rush of those endorphins like unpredictability.That initial secretion is what kept the monkey pressing the button — the anticipation of reward, not the receipt.In essence:2 — Dopamine levels are highest when uncertainty is at it’s greatest (50%)In a second experiment using the same principles, Sapolsky’s team only distributed a reward 50% of the time.

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