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His is mounted on top of the hard top and set back from the front edge a foot or so.

I can't speak for the 261, but I've got a 2019 277 and have been very impressed with all coolers and fish boxes, with the exception of the cooler that is under the seat on the front side of the console.We are aiming for a big dedicated bank of group 31s new electronics, replace the evo 2 NSO 24 and 16 with a pair of 19 evo 3 NSOs theres been a lot of chefs in the spaghetti kitchen, time to bring it up to the standards this boat deserves.Theres also a ton of cosmetic repairs and changes planned, new upholstery and powder coating as well as canvas. I weclome anyone's insight and ideas, but request this does not turn into a bash thread or I will have to nuke it.I was very apprehensive at first, but now that I understand the complete system, I’ll take it over traditional switches every day, and twice on Sundays.The failure rate we see matches what we see out of DTS systems, which can be counted on one hand over the last 15 years.

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Thought you guys might want to follow along on a winter project Im working on.

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