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Aftershocks and tremors continue, terrifying Nepalis and reaching all the way into neighboring China and India.Meanwhile, iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites and popular tourist attractions – some dating back more than 1,700 years – have been reduced to piles of rubble: Ancient Buddhist temples, stupas and monasteries have all collapsed.

Noi Zifroni, 21, from Hod Hasharon, and Ofir Ariel, 23, from the Golan, are hanging out, too, humming along.The Tevel b'Tzedek group has been assisting poor Nepalese communities for almost a decade.Following the recent devastating quake, the group's Israeli and Jewish volunteers are needed more than ever.This is – this was – Tevel’s Kathmandu headquarters.Or, as it is also known, “the big house.” This is where the NGO volunteers in Nepal would come, in between their stints in the field – for rest, relaxation and a little Yiddishkeit among the monks, pollution, monkeys and buddhas. That’s when Rabbi Micha Odenheimer took his kids out of school for a few months and went on a family trip to India.

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And that was when, for the first time, he encountered the so-called Hummus Trail.

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