Internet dating hostage

The Online Better Business Bureau of the US and Canada has a site for consumers that will aid you in making complaints against internet-based retailers and other businesses.You can also search their database to see if a merchant has other complaints against them and whether they have been resolved or not.Instead of paying cash, convince the seller to use an online service, such as Pay Pal Quick Pay, which offers buyer protection in case the tickets turn out to be fake.Your Facebook friend just posted a link: "Miley Cyrus did what at a concert last night?Craigslist also has a page dedicated to fraud prevention as well as information on how to report if you've been defrauded by someone on Craigslist.Check out their Avoiding Scams page for more information.

"You don't have to be a moron to get sucked into that feeling." These online scams have been around forever—some, even before the Internet—yet thousands of people are still falling for them every day.If you don't feel the crime committed against you falls into these categories, but you still feel the crime is serious enough to report, then you can still report it to the ICCC.If it doesn't fall under one of their categories, they might be able to direct you to an agency that does handle it.When the ex-con took aim at him, Pete found himself in one of the most epic gun battles a cop has ever survived.Scammers aren't non-English speakers with computers. They're savvy manipulators who play off your emotions.

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