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The reason for their breakup is still not specified to the public.

Maggie has already moved on in her life as she is already married to and divorced from her husband fellow co-star Ben Koldyke.

Although she didn’t say a definite yes or no to the romance question amid rumors she could possibly be heading to the upcoming season of , she did tell the reporter at the event that she’s “enjoying myself” when it comes to being single.“I went through a lot,” she said, referring to her husband’s long battle with cancer.

“At this time of my life, going back a few years back when it was so hard, I feel as though I can spread my wings.”“There is a force that takes over when you believe,” Celine then continued of finding love again after her husband’s death, “and I’m a believer.” shut down reports suggesting that they’re dating.

His father is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant and was the regional catering manager of the that immensely raised his image in Hollywood.

James Roday is not a married man nor he is in any kind of love relationships.

James is not only an actor but also a director and screenwriter.

Just over a year and a half after her husband of 22 years, Rene Angelil, passed away from a long battle with throat cancer, a reporter appeared to get a little too close for comfort this week when asking the singer if she’s getting into the dating game.“How are things going?

The reporter then asked again about her dating life, to which she joked about heading out on a date with him that night and continued her impromptu performance as she spoke with the media by launching into Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” and then Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On.” reported that she did then put on a more serious face and appeared to confirm that she is, in fact, dating., as James David Rodriguez in San Antonio, Texas, US.James was born to parents, father Jaime 'Jim' Rodriguez and his mother Irene Rodriguez.The site confirmed that the singer is not in a romantic relationship with Pepe and made it clear that she’s still very much a single woman.As for the real status of her relationship with the dancer, the outlet noted that they’re just good friends and know each other through mutual friends in Las Vegas, where Celine spends much of her time due to her Sin City residency concerts.

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According to tabloids, James earned around $60K per episode while filming the TV series in San Antonio, Texas.

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