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1981 — The Internal Revenue Service approves 501(c)3 status for the ELHS.Wilson Jones takes over the editor’s chair at the Extra Board, with Bob Hannon serving as assistant editor.The first editor and the first formal leader of the group is Roger Rasor, a designer in the packaging industry.1974 – 1980 — Preston Cook, Jr., and later Dennis Mead, serve as general chairmen, the leaders of the still informal group. 1980 — Larry De Young, Joe Lofland, and Dave Mc Wherter file papers to incorporate the group as the Erie Lackawanna Historical Society, a Pennsylvania non-profit, with De Young as president and chairman of the board of directors, and Mc Wherter as secretary-treasurer.Soon thereafter the ELHS moves the first of its materials from De Young’s home to the University of Akron Archives, thereby averting the collapse of one attic and one marriage.1997 — Professor Grant leaves the University of Akron and the archives steering committee.With its final liquidation imminent, the Erie Lackawanna Liquidating Trust donates its corporate archives to The University of Akron, at Grant’s suggestion.Professor Grant also encourages the ELHS to consider placing its growing collection with The University of Akron Archival Services.

Two outcomes of the Ramsey meeting are the selection of a name for the group, the Erie Railfan Society and the decision to publish a journal, called Erie Railfan.

Rasor continues to edit the principal publication, renamed The Diamond to reflect the monogram of the Erie Lackawanna and its predecessor, the Erie.

De Young edits the newsletter, renamed the Extra Board.

The University agrees to provide proper archival storage and supplies for the collection with the Society retaining ownership.

The signatories create an archives steering committee to oversee the collection.

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