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A plus side of me being an insomniac is that I have night times to myself.

I am able to blog (its am right now and I’m here) and I’m able to process feelings without complications or having to communicate with others.

I also enjoy using toys often and have quite a collection depending on my mood.

Personally I prefer it to anonymous hook ups purely because I don’t have to explain to someone what I do and don’t like.Haha I'll be a jerk saying this but come on who wants to go back to ex when there is a such a big world to explore.If its about dating try someone different, someone better or of different thinking than that of your ex.*Yeah but if you LOVE her than don't follow this at all.It has taken a very long time for me to get it into my head that I am entitled to have time to myself.I felt originally that I wasn’t allowed to enjoy my own company and that it was wrong.

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