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It could be a DX1 or even an XL made in '96 using parts that were kicking around.

I need help identifying a Jackson super-strat I got from a trade yesterday.

I have a Jackson electric guitar and i dont know what it is or how much it's worth. I have neck plate # 1022, From what I gather, it's one of 504 bolt on neck custom shop orders that were actually made in San Dimas. It cost around 00 at the time, but it is the most reliable instrument I've ever owned, and it's going to my son upon my demise. This is a black single pickup strat style guitar that was purchased in 1986.

It has a solid black bottom and a medium brown neck. The serial # is 200501117 I have a Jackson guitar and I'm trying to figure out what model it is and what year it is. The neck plate numbers are from 1001-1505, I have the 21'st on made I believe (Neck plate 1022), This is the lowest neck plate number that I have seen on here, is that correct? Thanks for any info on the builder you can give me. 22 fret unfinished bolt on maple neck, Kahler trem, Charvel/San Dimas neck plate serial number #5466 with Jackson/made in USA logo on the headstock. All I know is the serial number; 99101236, and that it has a "licensed under Floyd Rose" locking tremolo.

And I'd say search your local guitar shops for these gems.

I found this in a guitar shop in Salisbury, MD (where I'm attending college) and they had a few rare shredders too, including one of only 12 USA custom shop washburn flying V's The 7 digit s/n starting with the mfg.

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