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But I also was top five in the American League with runners in scoring position. But what good is it if you’re down 8-1 and you hit a home run?In that situation, if you get a double or get on base, that’s pretty much the same thing.Are you trending more aggressively because it might be the best pitch you’re going to see in an at-bat these days?JM: Yeah, I’ve never been a guy that’s totally against it. Usually, first pitch is probably the best one you’re going to see.So I always like to see pitches to get more comfortable.But I also understand if I’m facing Justin Verlander, I’m not afraid of swinging at the first pitch because I’ve had tons of at-bats against him.I’m excited about this season and how I’m able to perform.PP: You mentioned concussions affected how you were able to track pitches. There are times I’ve gone up to the plate and I just couldn’t pick up the ball. (Justin) Morneau, it took him a few years to feel pretty good.

The couple spent their first night at their 5-acre estate in July 2013 when they brought Emily and Maren home from the hospital. “Maren wasn’t quite sure at the beginning but then she warmed up when we got to go into the free gym part.” The girls also take music and gymnastics classes. It’s a new year, and you always have something to prove. It’s been a very tough last couple of years personally. I feel I can do better, and I’m trying to get myself ready for that.

“We were driving downtown and he kept saying, ‘Where are we going? ’ I said you can’t be from Minnesota and not have gone here. Emily climbs back into Joe’s lap and demands a particular stuffed animal from the basement for her respite. JM: Yeah, it’s going back to why can I squat (weights) now at 32 years old versus when I was 26 or 24?

I think I’ve found a couple of people who have really helped me out physically. If you’re not healthy, you can’t go out there and perform.

Reports say that the two were engaged in Sanibel, FL, near Joe’s Fort Myers home where he spends his offseasons.

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Is that something you’ve shared with (hitting coach) Tom Brunansky or (manager Paul) Molitor or the front office? That’s part of the frustration because I’m trying to do everything I can to get back. One of the things he told me was, ‘Yeah, it’s tough picking it up but also it’s like you see it …

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