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The anime styled graphics look great and there are plenty of dungeons, raids, and regions to explore.Four base classes, each of which has access to two advanced classes provides a decent level of class diversity.Kabod Online comes with some simple and common game mechanics, like some Enchantments, PK -System, Backpacks, etc..But there are also some new parts, like the "Armor Destroy System" that shows damaged armor after a lot of fights, showing some scratches of monsters or shredded clothes.

Later, a knight apprentice can become a Guardian or a Berserker.3.

With "Criminal's Bane" employed, players' items won't be looted even though they are killed.

Interviewer: It's formerly reported that Kabod Online allowed players to have "body contact" with NPCs. Eom Jae Won: The NPCs in Kabod Online won't stand still and offer quests simply like those in other MMORPGs.

Interviewer: Compared to other countries, South Korea seems to have a relatively negative understanding about the adult culture. Interviewer: As is the case with Vindictus (aka "Mabigino: Heroes"), Kabod Online also introduces the "Cloth Ripping System".

Can you give us a brief introduction about this system? armors) in Kabod Online have certain durability, and will be damaged differently as their durability decreases by 30%, 60% and 100%.

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Instead, Kabod Online allows players to assault NPCs, date NPCs of the opposite sex, and make investment for the NPC merchants or rob them.

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