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According to Miia's mother the men usually choose to stay, due to the beauty and sexual skills of the lamias.Since the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, government agencies have put a stop to the Lamia practice of kidnapping and keeping 'communal husbands' against their will (due to being a federal offense).As a result they must surface regularly to breathe which has resulted them being sighted by numerous seafaring vessels throughout the centuries. The Jormungand (or Midgardsormr) is an aquatic Lamia subspecies that appears prominently in Norse-Germanic Mythology.Said to be born from the giantess Angrboda and the trickster god Loki.In an attempt to compensate for this, Lamia villages have taken to sending "representatives" via the exchange program for the purpose of acquiring a communal husband for the village.According to Miia's mother, lamia are very skilled poison users and chemists which she backs when she reveals the tea she brought had been spiked with weak neurotoxin.Because more of their bodies are covered by scales compared to lamias, echidnas are more closely related to Lizardfolk.Their name means "viper women", and true to their name, they possess venomous fangs inside their mouths.

In the depths, Jormungandr grew to gargantuan size and became embroiled in a rivalry with the god Thor. • Vampire • Vanishing Hitchhiker • Werewolf • Yokai • Zombie • Other Races (Manga) • Other Races (Game) Breast Pump • Call of Cthulhu • Centorea's Weapons • Chevrolet Silverado • Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill • Gashapon • Humidifier • Jeep Wrangler Rubicon • Kakashi • Karaoke • Kendama • Kokeshi • Kotatsu • M.

Usually all the eligible members of the village would get involved, resulting in public mass orgies in the village streets as the lamia mate with the man and each other.

Following the initial orgy, the male has a choice to voluntarily stay or leave.

While this fortunately put an end to the mass abductions (and borderline sexual assault) of human men, the results were not so positive for the Lamia, who need men to maintain their numbers and produce the next generation.

Because of this, the Lamia birth rate has declined dramatically.

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Privately indulging themselves with pendants and knick-knacks, they become greatly pleased and distracted if a male states that he considers them cute.

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