Latina dating sex drive

Under the old rules, if women weren't permitted to be "highly sexual", no men were having any fun no matter what the fine print regarding them said, because we're all in this together.

Sexual regulation of females thus works to simultaneously regulate males.

One experience associated with female hyper-sexuality is a history of sexual trauma. This proportion mirrors women in the general population, so sexual exploitation does not explain these women's sexual intensity. Blumberg argues that none of the women appeared to be "addicted" to sex, nor did they feel uncontrollable sexual compulsions.However, most, including those in committed relationships, said they were open to flings.Strong, insistent libidos that are difficult to control--these women appear rather "male." They marry, but often have extra-marital affairs.As you say, men don't have cultural permission to be as sexual as they'd like, or to cheat on their wives, etc.But men have more cultural permission to be more sexual than women.

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As a result, this study can't be applied to all women. All the women said they felt intense sexual needs they could not ignore.

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