Lesson plans dating abuse prevention

Lesson 1 covers several personal safety concepts: being safe around people you know as well as around strangers, checking with a parent or caregiver before going anywhere or when asked to help with an adult problem; trusting the “uh-oh” or “yucky” feeling; maintaining personal space, and pairing up.

This reinforces the idea that kids have to keep telling if an adult doesn’t do something to help make the abuse stop.

As we interact with teens in our work or personal lives each of us can act on President Obama’s call to stand against teen dating violence by: How Do I Get Help?

If you know of a teen or parent that could benefit from speaking to a caring, well-trained peer advocate, please connect them with the National Dating Abuse Helpline, a project of the National Domestic Violence Hotline, at 1-866-331-9474 (TTY: 1-866-331-8453), by texting "loveis" to 77054, or through live chat at

Using the “Sexual (or Physical) Abuse is Not Your Fault” scenarios listed in Teaching Kids How to Tell About Sexual Abuse, I ask the kids, “Is it the kid’s fault if . Eventually the kids figure out that the response to all of the questions about fault is “No.” Once they’ve realized that, I go back through the scenarios, and have the kids respond “No! Then the kids practice telling an adult (me or the teacher) that something unsafe has happened.

Using the “No Secrets About Touching” scenarios from Teaching Kids How to Tell About Sexual Abuse, I give a role play situation to each student, who then decides to tell either me or any other adult who happens to be in the classroom.

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I point out that in the pictures of a man coming to the door and of a woman with a puppy, that they could be people the girl knows or they could be strangers.

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