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tldr A list of fast and effective how-tos for anyone encountering XML Zone: web Before the weekend started, I had a good friend of mine ask me for assistance with an XML document.It required some serious skills on how to search and replace text throughout specific XML documents.Recently one of our client had this requirement where they wanted to customize the texts appearing in the website as and when needed i.e.suppose they have a heading text in the login page which says “Login” and at some point they would like to change the text to something like “Login using email and password” without tinkering with the code.Once you have the parent, you can dig down into the titles and save each location's attractions and use the Where clause to grab the child title from each location. You can sort the returned elements by using the Order By() or Order By Descending() clause on your returned elements.We grabbed seven attractions from the EPCOT element.

Unauthorized Access Exception: Access to the path "/Q317664.xml" is denied i save the xml file in Assets folder and Build action is set to android Assets using System; using Android.

During a boring work meeting this week, I realized that I'm a Code Monkey, not a Data Architect.

This idea struck me when it was revealed that a portion of a system's daily input would be coming in the form of an Excel file, and it was my job to update the database.

XML can be a handful, but today, I hope to provide a quick cookbook of fast and effective how-to's on using XML spanning from beginner's tips to advanced practices. It's probably better to use XDocument for managing your XML.

To truly understand how LINQ works with XML, you need some XML terminology first. An XDocument is the equivalent of an Xml Document which is LINQ-able. I wrote a post a while back about my top 10 extremely useful extension methods and one of them was converting between XDocument and Xml Document and back again (extension method number 2).

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It's no big deal to insert to a SQL database from an XML document using LINQ because there are thousands of how-to examples on the web — unless you insert from an Excel document, at which point things start to get weird.

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