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We decided that we would sacrifice an ordinary, go-with-the-flow style of living to exit our comfort zone, to be light in the world, to show others that there is a better, more satisfying way.I have a unique gift and passion in engaging struggling adolescents in mathematics and I opened a Teacherspayteachers store in 2015 to share my work.I walk around and answer questions while they work.After we finish each problem, one person at each table rotates to the next table. I usually have them do a quick rock, paper, scissors, to determine who has to move.Students work on each other's problem, ask the "expert" student questions...and when you feel the energy change to socializing tell them to SWITCH!“Speed Dating” is a very easy way to spice up a review / practice day.

This introduction to logarithms is basically a compilation of a lot of ideas I found on the Internet.

I have a wife and 2 little rascals (2 and 3 yrs old).

At first glance, I may seem to be a pretty run of the mill kind of guy with a pretty run of the mill kind of family.

Idea credit & a great description here: problems are printed, and the solutions are photocopied to the back. Tell them to solve it, ask you questions, and truly understand their work.

Then surprise them by telling them to check their answer on the back of the card.

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