Modern female dating disorder

What’s more, “nothing you did or said would ever be enough, and if you dared to take care of yourself before the [person with NPD], you would have the wrath of God heaped on you,” she says.That doesn’t mean every relationship with a person with NPD is doomed.Through a series of seven studies using different methodological approaches, researchers analyzed narcissists’ exhibition of "admiration" and "rivalry" dimensions.

When Jamie’s husband was diagnosed with narcissism, she felt awash with relief.

"He flew into a rage," she describes, "yelling at me for not saying good morning and for not staying in bed a few minutes to snuggle.

My jaw was on the floor, having never experienced such bizarre drama.

Hazel*, 28, tells SELF of when she first noticed her boyfriend’s grandiosity.

“He was born on the Fourth of July, and he believed that destined him to greatness,” she says.

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