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Test audiences hated seeing Duckie sort of get the girl—I don’t blame them—so instead we get Blane and Andie kissing in the parking lot while OMD’s “If You Leave” lulls us into acceptance.Their union is the carnal equivalent of paint-by-numbers. He didn’t get Andie, he lost Blane, and so what: the best revenge is getting ahead. When your baby wants to eat, you'll be able to quickly "pop out" a breast and feed them.Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt, but the truth is those first days can be uncomfortable. My favorite is the Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter.Experts recommend that during the first weeks of your baby's life, you breastfeed on-demand, meaning that any time your tiny boss demands milk, you feed them. Nursing tanks, like the Loving Moments by Leading Lady, make this so much easier.This will help establish your milk supply and get everything off to a good start. They have built-in support to keep you comfy, and you can totally wear them around the house, or even out and about.Nothing can prepare you for the intense thirst that hits when breastfeeding.Quench that thirst (and help keep your milk supply up in the process) by always having a water bottle with a straw nearby, like this Exquis Large Outdoor Water Bottle.

You do not have to cover yourself if you don't want to—and many mamas choose not to—and we are all for it.

But when it comes to the arrival of our breast milk (and all the massive adjustments that come with it), it's easy to be caught off guard.

Stocking up on a few breastfeeding essentials can make the transition to breastfeeding a lot less stressful, which means more time and energy focusing on what's most important: Your recovery and your brand new baby.

It is crucial to choose a wireless bra for the first weeks of nursing since underwire can increase the risk of clogged ducts (ouch).

The Playtex Maternity Shaping Foam Wirefree Nursing Bra is an awesome pick for this reason, and because it is designed to flex and fit your breasts as they go through all those changes.

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