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The first number is your inches and the second is how close you are to the next inch up.

For example, a 48% would be 4.8 making you/him just over 4 and a half inches, or 72% would be 7.2 making you a tiny bit over 7 inches.

Girls giggle and point to your Teeny Weeny the first time you have sex, and if they don't they are laughing and pointing in there mind.

To install any of these badges, you simply highlight the code that Facebook generates and insert it into your site.

They're called social networking sites because they allow people to interact by sharing news and personal information, photos, videos, as well as communicate through chatting or messaging one another.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of social networking sites on the internet.

Just to have some fun, you can use a widget like Photo Cubes to create cool picture cubes using any six pictures you like.

One of the things to be aware of when putting widgets on your site is that there is such a thing as "too much." Stick to the social networks you and your visitors use the most, and only put a widget up if you really think it adds to the message of your site.

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It also pays to frequently revisit social media trends to see what is new.

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