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Change the NOPUSH variable to false if you want to have support for slave servers.Keep in mind that you need to list the hostnames of your slave servers in /var/yp/ypservers file and ensure to list a corresponding entry in the /etc/hosts file.If the requested entry isn’t found there, check NIS server. To work better with the Linux NIS server, there are some useful tools that can help you manage the information in the database.ypcat: This tool is used to get data from the NIS server by extracting it from NIS map.ypwhich: gets the name of the Linux NIS server that is responding to your requests.ypmatch: rather than grabbing the entire map, or you can search by key to get a specific entry.

Since the /etc/group file needs to be publicly readable, most distros have taken to support shadow group files /etc/gshadow.

In this case, a series of text files need to be converted into database format.

We want a tool that will re-convert any files that have been changed, we can use the make command. This file contains all the shared files by NIS server. If you plan to have NIS slave servers, you will need to tell the master Linux NIS server to push the resulting maps to the slave servers.

On new Linux distros that rely on systemd as the service manager, systemd will automatically take care of service intra-dependencies that exist between rpcbind and ypserv.

If your distro is not one of them, you can start rpcbind like this: The make command is responsible for preparing the list of files that need compilation and the needed program for compilation for each of them. Taking this concept to work on NIS is straightforward.

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