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i see men as who they are----younger or older, it shouldn't matter, love and chemistry are way more important than anything to me!

This is my advice for my fellow young guys and even some older guys: I recently noticed a trend within my city and friend circles, that more and more kind of pseudo-polygamous relationships are becoming pretty commonplace, by pseudo, i mean..

here's an example: Man1 falls in love with another Man2, Man1 gets bored and tries to spice their love life and sex by introducing the idea of threesomes or even hookups into the mix, Man 3 meets Man 1 for hookup, slowly they starting falling in love and he is introduced into Man 2's life, they somewhat reluctantly agree, that they could make it work and it goes smoothly for a while until the cracks start showing up, jealousy and even mind games occur and just ends up ruining someones life, all because he was too afraid of losing his first partner or he thought he was not worth it and does not get the authority to decide ( etc.

i would love to find "at least one friend" that i could see as valuable in the sense of non-sexual commitment!

i remember my first sexual encounter, i was a month shy of 30 and he was probably younger than 17, i'll never know since the bar allowed younger men than legal!

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