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I’d recommend staying a few weeks in Guatemala City and using all the online dating options at your fingertips. Invite your girls from Guatemala City up any night you don’t want to party, as it’s only a 45 minute ride away.If you put in the legwork in Guatemala City, then you can live a great life in Antigua for cheap.The richest Guatemalans live here, so you’ll find the high-end girls here.Antiagua is the backpacker mecca of Central America.The culture is more conservative and the attractive women have less competition here than in other places.While that may be true, you can still do well here if you speak Spanish and act less like a backpacker and more like an adult.You don’t travel to meet average looking girls, though. While the average looks of a girl here is ugly as sin, there’s more than enough good looking girls to go around. The next most populous country, Honduras, has around nine million.You want to meet sexy, high-end women while traveling that you might not have access to while back home. Guatemala is the biggest country in all of Central America. Guatemala is nearly twice as big as any other country in the region.

They look great and I was a huge fan of their personalities.

She will probably make you wait a few dates before sleeping with you.

I even had one girl make me wait four dates without booze before we went to bed.

Spanish is huge here, as women will be impressed by your ability.

They see lots of foreigners who don’t speak any, especially when they first arrive in Guatemala City.

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