Outlook 2016 shared calendar not always updating

To make it even better, Outlook is a multiplatform solution so it can sync on a plethora of devices, PCs and smartphones alike.

There’s a lot of competition in this field, but it seems Microsoft has hit a soft spot with Outlook.

To be able to edit calendars shared with you, you have to select manual setup when adding an account and select Exchange Active Sync: Now you will be able to edit shared calendars.

If and when an email account is already set up in Outlook as Microsoft Exchange, it cannot be converted to Exchange Active Sync.

(We are some of the refugees from Windows Live Mail, orphaned by the Outlook 365 conversion.

That's why we're trying both O16 and Outlook for Android -- our eventual goal is to enable updating each other's calendars from our Android phones.) When you setup an email account in Outlook 2013 or 2016 automatically, it will be set up as MAPI / Microsoft Exchange account and you will only be able to view calendars shared with you.

Using the Outlook to set meetings with your contacts is quite a usual and a rather useful feature.

It’s an important piece of software for so many users who require organization and scheduling, including meetings with anyone from your contacts list.

By unifying the e-mail client with calendar and tasks, Outlook revamp was welcomed as a positive change and a step forward for sure.

Dear Spice & I have accounts (both updated), with calendars shared with each other on (co-owner access level).

We can update each other's calendar directly on and in W10 Calendar.

If you have Office 365 or any other Microsoft Exchange email service, Outlook can be used on the web to share your calendar with others in and outside of your organization.

Depending on the permissions given, others can only view your calendar, edit, or act as your delegate for meeting requests.

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