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Britney Spears might as well be the nation’s teenage daughter gone wild, such is the clucking over her sexuality. The title song of Extraordinary Machine is a letter to those who worry about her: “They start paying a lot of attention to me,” she shudders, “and they think they know what’s best for me. All I want to say is, ‘Don’t you know me, I make songs out of it, it’s okay!

In Apple’s case, the syndrome is compounded by her rape, when she was 12, by a stranger in her mother’s apartment building. ’ ” Most artists demur when asked if their work is about their lives, but Apple doesn’t.

She theorizes that one reason for Extraordinary Machine’s delay was her unwillingness to return to public life; perhaps she was “kind of sabotaging myself because of that.” There’s a sense in which self-doubt is part of her performance—when she took the stage recently at the Virgin Megastore in Union Square, she talked constantly between songs about how nervous she was, told herself to shut up, pulled at her hair, and at one point half-screamed, “Why do I try? On Internet message boards, they’re firmly into an Artist vs. They already hate the rerecorded songs that have been released so far and they’re convinced that Apple will never speak out against the new version of the album for fear of reprisals from Sony.

This happens with female singers: We crowd around them, offering advice and admonishments.

Releasing her first album Tidal in 1996 when she was only 19, she proved herself as difficult as a personality as she was successful as an artist -- speaking openly to interviewers about her rape as a young girl, and using an award acceptance speech as an opportunity to condemn the industry's star-making machinery (fair enough, but a somewhat untenable position for a successful, industry-made star).

Rudolph appeared in her first film directed by Anderson, Inherent Vice, which is scheduled for release in December 2014.

She often starts songs with arcane words—folderol, stentorian, and Rubicon show up on Extraordinary Machine—before matching them with other verbal building blocks, and she treats her relationships in a similar manner.

“I can access ways that I was feeling at a certain time,” she says, and “by the time I’m writing the second verse, I might be talking about a completely different person.” In fact, she says, she might have used up all her relationships.

Adam Sandler joked that the new baby’s name was Grown Ups 3.

Paul Thomas Anderson was previously in a romantic relationship with singer Fiona Apple.

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