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I've always loved movies and loved the idea of playing make-believe. That's the whole reason you become an actor, because you want to pretend to be other people and walk in their shoes.That was my favorite game, growing up as a child, was make-believe, and to be able to do it as an adult is awesome."And I pretty much dislike every other part of it," she continued. I don't know, I don't enjoy the business bit of it at all. It's not that comfortable for me to go out and have to be, or promote...."Patton added, "Talking about yourself, and what you think about this or what you like about that, or what's happening—and that's not that comfortable for me.People are changing every day—their thoughts, their desires, their insecurities change every day."That moment in his career was better even than he could have dreamed, Thicke said, "because I still have the girl. Because it is a lot and there are girls throwing themselves at you everywhere you go, and you can really lose touch with any sense of reality when you're a big rock-star kind of thing, you know."They looked as close as usual at the Grammys in January 2014, but the following month Thicke and Patton revealed they had separated.Patton remained mum about what, exactly, had caused the drastic move, only telling didn't ultimately help matters, though he stood by his decision to grovel in public, figuring he may as well throw everything against the wall to see if it would stick.

Patton and Thicke started dating when she was 15 and he was 14, and he set about wooing her with his musical charms."He asked me to dance and the rest is history," Patton told E! Some of that history does sound a little tortured in hindsight.Speaking about her realtor beau Zach Quittman, Patton said she met him when he was separated from his wife, lending credence to his previous statement to People magazine. She heard it from him first, not from anybody else. So when news broke that the man she had gushed to “Extra” about was still married, folks immediately began drawing comparisons to Patton’s marriage with her childhood sweetheart.“I would just say when I met him he was separated from his wife and he’s in the process of divorce,” she told Hello Beautiful in April while promoting her newest film. I let Robin know because he’s the father of my child and I thought he had a right to know that I had somebody, since the first time that [we’ve] been divorced, that I wanted in my life and that I want my child to know. I’m 42 years old and I was like, this is my man,” she added. However, Patton firmly has no issues with how she and Quittman got together.He had told Oprah Winfrey in the fall of 2013 that, in a partnership as enduring as his and Patton's, "you pretty much take it one day at a time.The one thing I've realized about loving somebody is, you have to love them every day...

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“Obviously there’s three sides to every story and I’m not pointing the finger or saying anyone’s wrong, but we were definitely separated before I moved on,” he explained. ”is currently the happiest when she is offscreen — and Zach may have to do with that.

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