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Some of them used what I taught to meet the exact woman that they wanted and are now happily married today.I realized this knowledge, if used for good, can give people the ability to actually be with the person they want, rather than "settling for less." But with any powerful knowledge, there is always a dark side to it, and this is what I'm here to discuss.Plus, they believe they have a right to do whatever they want," says Dr. Sex can be just a physical act, while true intimacy is harder to fake. Whether he drinks too much, dabbles in drugs or has a gambling problem, "he doesn't understand self-discipline, so he believes he can get away with things," notes Tina B. Then there's this: Partiers by definition hang out—when their inhibitions have been lowered—where it's easy to pick up women. "Take good emotional care of yourself, and stop pretending he's your knight in shining armor," says Dr. If you think your efforts have failed, "confront him with whatever evidence you have, whether physical or circumstantial, and demand honesty," suggests Harris. What better way to keep you from calling him on suspicious behavior than by making you second-guess yourself?This may only be a pink flag, though, "if he's not the touchy-feely type or if he's stressed," cautions Nancy B. But if he's always been loving and you don't know why he'd be anxious, tell him you miss his touch and ask if something's wrong. Nitpicking is especially suspicious if he was never bothered by your weight, housekeeping habits or job before.Some people have actually gone to great lengths in order to use such knowledge to manipulate people into romance or sex.Men and women alike are both guilty of this, whether they are educated on the fundamentals of courtship or not.Regardless of my good looks, I just didn't "get it" when it came to women.

In fact, that is the dumbest strategy any single man can have.

Why would anyone get rid of a sexual partner unless they became a nuisance of some sort?

I always thought it was stupid that some men did this, but I came to realize that I was doing something way worse.

Many times I would just talk to women to get the "training" needed in order to master seduction; getting a number but never calling them.

Meanwhile these women actually believed I was interested when all I was doing was honing my skills.

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I was allowing these women to stay in my life even though I knew deep down I didn't care at all. I was beginning to feel the effects of my conscious which lead to me finally becoming aware of the vicious cycle most men live in every day - running around trying to conquer women like it is some kind of war game.

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