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This eliminates any confusion that could put you in the friend zone.– When you do something direct – you are doing everyone a favor. She doesn’t have to be in “I’m getting hit on mode”.

There’s no pressure on the girl, which means that there is a lot more time to build attraction.

“When presented with a situation that requires action, the best thing to do is the right thing. The worst thing to do is nothing.” – Teddy Roosevelt. ” Here is your answer Almost EVERY man I talk to about picking up women always says the same thing.“I don’t know what to say.”“How do I start a conversation with her?

Pros:– You differentiate yourself from other guys.– It’s pretty easy to use and it captures her attention.Cons:– You need to have a quick follow up.– You run the risk of appearing like a clown.An example of a situational opener is just turning to a woman you’re next to and making a comment about the environment – where you are, what’s going on.And in some instances, a good opener engages everyone the woman is hanging out with. This is an advanced technique – and I recommend it only to those brimming with confidence and a devil-may-care attitude.When approaching a group you will open the entire group. There is a lot to be said for not hiding the fact that you have come over here to hit on her.

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Me and Friend, are robbing the store across the street, and wouldn’t you know it……driver cancelled on us!

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