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By using pickup lines and saying things you don’t mean in order to get a woman’s attention, this is actually a great way to do the exact opposite.Even if you managed to find the best pick up line in the world, it wouldn’t exactly work.

If you want to have a proper relationship with a mature woman, you have to get to know each other on a real level, no games.

Some people think pick up lines are fun and some people do like to use them, whether serious or just for a laugh so I thought I’d collate a list for them to refer to.

I’m not a user of them myself, unless I’m bored on Tinder!

Not only does trying to fake it stem from a very negative mindset, if men would only instead change their image of themselves by simply being themselves and remaining confident in who they are, they would see much better results with the ladies. If you think you’re someone that’s bad at talking to women, you will begin to believe you are, and suddenly that will be the only outcome you seem to encounter.

Instead, if you just relax and be yourself without tricks, women will take notice.

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