Pisces dating a cancer man rebecca mader dating

He is not as selfless as the fish unless it involves his loved ones, in which he gives his all and can be extremely protective.

Unfortunately, he is well-known for streaks of moodiness, and the resulting lashing out may be too overwhelming for the sensitive Pisces woman.

The allure of a sign as in-touch with their emotions as you are is simply too irresistible to pass up, and for good reason.

For all the hype that personality balancing gets with regards to relationships, sometimes what people need most is just someone who relates to them.

Emotional connection is integral to both of them, and their twin empathetic and supportive personalities feed off of each other leaving them frequently in a state of comfort and bliss.

On the rare occasions they do fight, there isn’t a grudge to be found anywhere.

When it comes to protecting his friends, he can have the ferocity of a lion toward anything and everything that is a threat.

Normally, powerful and protective signs are ideal for Pisces women, but they come with a catch, never coming close to relating to her on an emotional level.

A Cancer man changes all of that, and the relief of finally being understood is heartwarming.

Above all, they both strive to be honest, supportive, and faithful to each other in every way.

Their current emotional state is so all-consuming that lying would be far too difficult to pull off anyway.

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