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9th Aug: A donation of £406.24 has been made to LOROS.1st Jun: A donation of £437.10 has been made to LOROS, with condolences to Richard and his family.11th September A donation of £302.73 plus gift aid has been made today to Barnardo's one of the eight charities Richard has nominated on Just Thank you so much for continuing to use the Amazon links on my home page to make your purchases.4th Feb: A donation of £542.19 has been made today to Barnardo's, one of the charities Richard has nominated on Just Thank you so much for shopping at Amazon US, UK and Amazon DE using the links on the home page of this Build Series NYC and it was broadcast live today at 1pm Eastern time. I don't know how long this will be available but no doubt it will appear on youtube soon as well. The first preview performance of Future photos can be accessed via twitter using a #Richard Armitage search.You do not have to be a member of twitter to look for photos and news of Richard. interviewed Richard in the light of his new theatre role: Richard Armitage on living in NYC...

According to Richard on twitter, there is a clue about where his character Daniel Meyer keeps his bike in episode 1, although what he means is a mystery to me! The latest donation to charity made on 1 September has resulted in a total donation of over £10,000 in referral fees, as a result of your shopping via the Amazon links on this website.5th November The Berlin Station gallery has been updated with promo images from Epix HD press site.Episode 4 is due to air in the US tomorrow (Sunday) at 9pm ET/6pm and Richard will be live tweeting alongside the broadcast as announced on his twitter feed here.An announcement about the film , written and directed by Oliver Daly, appeared in Variety on 28 April last year and includes the following synopsis: “Miles” centers on an 18-year-old searching for a way out of his small California town. He soon becomes the target of a massive manhunt that puts him and everyone he cares about in danger.According to IMDB the release date is set for 12 November 2017.

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