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It appears that right-wing news websites funded by Russia’s Internet Research Agency have been aggressively targeting Reddit’s largest pro-Trump subreddit, /r/The_Donald, for over a year.In a viral thread posted to /r/Fuck The Alt Right last week, a user named Divest Trump laid out a staggering list of suspicious political content coming from a handful of domains.Its most recent submission to Reddit was a link titled "After Two Wasted Years Trump Will Fire Sessions After Midterms," submitted to /r/The New Right.Brutalist’s website no longer works, but its Twitter page is still live and gives a snapshot of the kind of content it was publishing.The bulk of the investigation that was posted to /r/Fuck The Alt Right focused on two suspicious domains: and

He also tweeted at Brutalist's Twitter account three times in August and September of 2017.One was titled "Furious Formula 1 'Grid Girls' Who Were Fired From Their Jobs Say They've 'Lost Important Income Because Feminists Think They Know Best,'" which received 2,095 upvotes.The second most popular submission was titled "Chart showing how amnesty padded California's voting to Dems," which was upvoted 1,001 times.And someone with the email address [email protected] posted a job listing on the Russian job board in June of 2017. Petersburg is where Russia’s Internet Research Agency — or troll factory — was initially located.The listing is for a frontend developer who can speak technical English and be available for remote work with periodic trips to St. Buzz Feed News has reached out to Antonov for comment.

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